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I believe in truth in advertising. So does the commercial TV regulator that demands evidence for any claim you want to make before they give your ad clearance to air. Unfortunately for the voters of NSW, political part… Read More

People now have short attention spans. So to connect you have to cut through. Keep it honest. Keep it simple. And keep it true to your brand. As for length, keep it short. Twitter 71 - 100 characters Posts with 40 cha… Read More
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How does a brand catch a customer's interest when their attention span is now less than that of a goldfish? I spent a few seconds Googling to discover the average person's attention span has shrunk since 1998, by 11 mi… Read More

"Look, I said I'd bring you the report on micromanagement,just give me a minute!" Stop sweating the small stuff, especially now there's so much of it. New technologies allow us to gather data on just about everything.… Read More







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